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Beraishis 3H The New State of Man – עצבון – Sacrifice

by Gershon Seif on

Woman is told she will have much עצבון and she will bear children with עצבון.

Man is told in verse 17 בעצבון תאכלנה.

The word עצבון is related to the word עזב which means forsake. With the letter צ in place of the ז it means to have to give something up against one’s will.

After the sin, Man is no longer at harmony with nature. Nature no longer smiles at Man ready to flourish without opposition. This moment is the beginning of a new phase of history where in order for Man to attain one pleasure he must give up another pleasure. This is the beginning of thousands of years of Man’s education.

The greatest joy is to have a child. But in order to attain this, women will now have to sacrifice their own flesh and blood.

Men will labor and sacrifice day and night to have food and shelter.

Women will feel dependent on men for their food and shelter. This will create a challenge to the original, natural state of equality between husband and wife. Only through the Torah’s influence will this equality be restored completely. (see Mishlei 12:4 where a wife is called the crown of her husband, also Mishlei 31:10 where a wife is called the invaluable pearl of his life.)

Beraishis 3:16-19, Pages 83-86

From → B Chapter 3

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