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About this Website

Hello and welcome to RSRH for All!

There are many recurring themes throughout the commentaries and essays of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch. His works are so vast and deep, his writing style so poetic and wordy, that  many people find it overwhelming to even consider approaching them.

Many people I speak to are interested in learning more about what RSRH wrote but because of all of the above, don’t know where or how to begin. Over the past years I have developed a love and deep interest in RSRH’s writings and I believe that this generation has much to gain by learning the Torah through RSRH’s eyes. I consider it a deep privilege to share this with the world and continuing to explore RSRH’s writings with you.

What this website will seek to make available, is a window into what RSRH wrote, showing where he said it, serving as a resource for those who want to further explore these ideas in depth on their own.

I will set out to summarize, in brief and simple wording, RSRH’s main themes as I review his commentary on the Chumash. (Please note that the page numbers I will be referencing are from the commentary published by Judaica Press.) From time to time I will also summarize essays found in RSRH’s Collected Writings. I hope, IY”H, to organize these summaries by chapter as well as by subject.

This will be a project that will take quite a few years to complete. Please be patient with me and check back often!

Please email comments or suggestions to

May it be Hashem’s will that through this project, we all grow together in Torah, both in learning and in life!

Gershon Seif